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This is the meat that veteran home schoolers are crying for!  I give it an A+!

Sharon GrimesFounder, New York State LEAH

I just love this program. It’s so easy to use. It has really taken the monkey off my back. Every parent of high school kids should know about it.

Karen M. – Hudsonville, MI

Just had to respond and let you know what a pleasure it was to work with TranscriptPro. I never imagined preparing a professional looking transcript could be so easy! Everything went in so smoothly. In about an hour I was able to write up the transcript for my daughter who has had a very busy high school career. Keep up the great work! Your product is a great asset to the college-bound student!

Leslie S. – Nashua, NH

Our hats are off to you for developing such a professional, easy-to-use, and effective homeschooler’s tool! My son received, among other full scholarships from prestigious universities, an appointment to the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. . . . His admissions officer remarked that he had been impressed by the portfolio—specifically the professionalism of the transcript. He added that so many transcripts from public and even private schools are very difficult to read. We couldn’t be more pleased with our TranscriptPro results.

Valerie D.  – Simpsonville, SC

I am not the computer whiz, but am finding TranscriptPro to be so very helpful! I really like the professional look of the format and the different style suggestions you give. Having this program has been used by the Lord to give peace and confidence to me in an area I did not know much about until faced with it. Thank you for your terrific ministry!

Beth G. – Buffalo, MO

I purchased TranscriptPro at a Transcript Boot Camp three or four years ago. I have since graduated one student and am about to graduate another. I love my TranscriptPro!! I’ve had college admissions people tell me my son’s transcripts are easier to read and understand than what they get from most high schools.

Lee Ann S. – West Farmington, OH

I appreciate you so much, for calling me and walking me through the transcript program. After working with it and doing the editing like you said, it printed me out a nice, official transcript for my son.  I am confident that I can also do the transcripts for my two oldest children now that I am familiar with TranscriptPro.

Diane J. – Leander, TX

I like this program!  The colleges like the format, too. So far my two children have gotten nine acceptance letters between them.

Lisa T. – Oxford, MI

Thank you for making transcripts so easy to do!

Kris W – Goffstown, NH