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What kind of equipment do I need to view the seminar?
The Transcript Boot Camp sessions will play on your television screen with any DVD player or you can play the sessions on your computer with any of the media software programs that are available. The 76-page Transcript Boot Camp syllabus will come to you in a PDF format on a CD-Rom. This syllabus and the accompanying record-keeping forms can be viewed and printed with either a Windows or Mac operating system.

How long are the Transcript Boot Camp sessions?
Session 1 is approximately 45 minutes long.
Session 2 clocks in at 69 minutes.
Session 3 takes 65 minutes to view.
Session 4 takes 63 minutes to view.

May I share my copy of Transcript Boot Camp on DVD?
Yes, we encourage you to share the videos with your friends or acquaintances in your support group. In fact, we have had several support groups arrange “Group Showings.” We do not charge any extra fees for you to use the seminar in a group situation, so we expect you to charge each attendee only enough to cover your cost in hosting the event.

We also expect you to honor the copyright for the materials by requiring each attending family to purchase their own copy of the Transcript Boot Camp syllabus. If you simply share the videos with a friend, ask that person to purchase a syllabus. If you place the Transcript Boot Camp on DVD seminar in your support group library, please do not share the syllabus disk. Instead, please ask each borrower to purchase a copy of the syllabus.

Do you ever present Transcript Boot Camp in live settings?
Yes, we are willing bring the seminar to your city. However, the realities of travel and facility costs, time away from home for us, and all the logistical details that go into live presentations require that we have a minimum of 100 paid attendee reservations for each event.

For smaller groups we recommend using the Transcript Boot Camp on DVD seminar so that you can more effectively control your schedule and provide opportunities for group discussion after the sessions. Some groups have scheduled a series of four nights to watch one session per meeting. Others schedule two sessions at a time, and some folks make a day of it! Do what works best for you. Call us if you need suggestions: 317-222-1695.